Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Leaders for Georgetown Theatre Alumni

Dear Georgetown Theatre Alumni,

I am delighted to announce that in 2009 Sarah Krokey '06 will be the new Chair of Georgetown Theatre Alumni. She has a great group of board members working with her, which she'll introduce to you in the coming weeks. I know they're looking to have more people involved, so I'll hope you'll get in touch with Sarah at if you're interested in volunteering for GTA.

It's been a pleasure serving this organization, and I look forward to seeing you at a future event!

Christina Logothetis '03

A note from Sarah Krokey:

Happy New Year! Have you made your 2009 resolutions yet? I'm still working on mine. I think one of them will be "Skydive" or, "Buy a puppy" or how about: "Jump into GTA and make the most of it". Sounds good to me!

If you do not know me personally, I come to bring good cheer! I graduated in 2006 from Georgetown with a degree in English and have since gotten into some trouble finding out what to do with a degree in English. At Georgetown, I dipped my toes into many of the student and academic theater work on campus, calling myself an all around theater lover. Or was it a theater community lover? I've come to find out this is why I'm back, supporting GTA in whatever way I can. Theater wasn't always easy on campus; but that's what always made it fun! And, in the end, the people mattered more than the technical feats and the acting prowess. All of us on the GTA board are now participating because we love to support Georgetown Theater and the ongoing work of the alums, and we'd like to say thank you - in our own way. Soooo...Come to events! Give donations! Meet the newbies and the veterans of GTA, drink some champagne, and share your stories. Everyone has something to say. Everyone has a story to share.