Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Submit a Café Name for the Davis Performing Arts Center

Hi everyone! Hope this finds you having a great summer....

As you may have heard, after several years of efforts, we have been
working with the Corp to develop a cafe in the lobby of DPAC,
scheduled to open in the coming year! We are incredibly excited about
the contribution this gathering space will make to the culture of our
wider community and you will be hearing more details in the coming

In the meantime, we'd like to get your input on something essential
to having the cafe be a great addition to our space - a great name.
We want the cafe to reflect its environment and the theater and
performing arts communities, and we invite you all to take part in its
development. So please send along any names that pop into your mind
by this Friday the 10th. The team thinks that the ideal name would be
a term somehow associated with theater and/or the performing arts in
general (be it something associated with a production, script, or a
physical theater, or something inspired by a term you might hear
thrown around backstage), but also something that's accessible to the
general community, while meaningful to this cafe's most important
customers - you all. Several promising names have been discussed so
far but we're looking to hear more great ideas. Again, just respond
by this Friday July 10th to Ryan Callahan ( with
anything that comes to mind, and if by some chance your idea is
chosen, we will be sure to credit/honor you appropriately....

Thanks so much,

The Corp and DPAC Staff

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