Friday, July 23, 2010

Candyland featuring Obehi Janice '09 at Boston Playwrights' Theater

July 29-August 14 2010

Written by Dawn M. Simmons
Directed by A. Nora Long
Featuring: Obehi Janice '09 (Kiki), Christine Power (Radio), Kathryn Lynch (Lazarus), Holly Erin McCarthy (Roxy), Bryan Daley (Cheeks), and Adam Kassim (Dustin Diamond).
Scenic Design: Christina Watka; Costume Design: Lisa Polito; Lighting Design: Bailey Costa; Sound Design: Darren Evans

Candyland is the comedic journey of a woman searching for work and identity in an economic holocaust. In a fictionalized now, Boston runs rife with dragons, zombies and karaoke. Entertainment is unearthed everywhere as long as you don’t get hit in an imaginary gunfight and end up in a time-out!

Performances will run Thursday-Saturdays, July 29-August 14 at Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, located at 949 Commonwealth Avenue. Audiences can guarantee admission in advance for only $10. We continue our free/low-cost policy with a Pay-What-You-Can rush 30 minutes before each performance, subject to availability. For tickets Click Here or call 866-811-4111.

NXR invites you to join us for Sweet Talks, a dessert reception, following every performance of Candyland. Stay with us a while and mingle, have dessert, talk about the show, your day, what theatre you like to see, anything! Are you interested in making a gorgeous dessert for Sweet Talks? Email us for details.

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